This post is all about our little ones! It will be smart and festive, because the kids should also shine in dirndls and lederhosen with their traditional knitwear. We exclusively introduce you to our dirndl and lederhosen knit styles and reveal why you should choose a traditional piece from Stapf.

Thanks to the high-quality materials, our traditional knit for children is not only particularly comfortable and warm to wear, but is also characterized by its longevity and robustness. Traditional patterns and colors are used - creating a nostalgic and authentic look for all ages.

Of course, sustainability and regionality are also a priority for us. The careful processing and production of the wool yarns takes place in Tyrol, but the further processing into the finished cardigan also takes place exclusively within Europe. With great attention to detail, every Stapf traditional costume piece becomes unique.
We hope you have fun with your Stapf favorite part

Your Stapf team from Wörgl



July 13, 2023 — Irina Wiesinger