All fabrics for our Stapf products have been produced at our headquarters in Wörgl, Tyrol since the company was founded in 1958. The yarn is knitted on our circular and flat knitting machines and then washed or fulled in the large drums using only water and energy.


Why is your favorite Stapf piece sustainable?

As a natural product, wool is inherently sustainable. It is naturally water and dirt repellent, self-cleaning and free of artificial ingredients. During further processing, we use as few resources as possible and only use pure water and the highest possible proportion of renewable energy. 

Our sustainable production guarantees the following points:

  • regionality

We source our yarns from family businesses in Austria and Tuscany. The cotton we use comes from Portugal and is organic and GOTS certified. The sewing of the garments also takes place exclusively within Europe, currently in Slovakia, Romania, the Czech Republic and Ukraine. This means we can ensure the shortest possible transport routes and at the same time have a much more personal connection to the individual stages of production. We are particularly closely connected to our production partner in Ukraine during these difficult times and regularly send aid transports. 

All fabrics are knitted and milled in-house in Wörgl.


  • Naturalness

Production takes place without the addition of dyes or plasticizers and we are working with our producers to convert the majority of wool to organic by 2025. We only use sheep and cotton, no artificial yarns. Our buttons also do not contain plastic and are made from wood, horn, metal or recycled coffee grounds. 



  • „Slow Fashion“

We are clearly positioning ourselves against the fast pace of the fashion industry and want you to enjoy the favorite items you have purchased for as long as possible. We therefore select materials with high quality and long durability, such as cotton from controlled organic farming.

With Stapf Care you can have your favorite item prepared by us so that you can enjoy it for even longer. Stapf Care voucher 

If you want to know more, you are always welcome to Wörgl to take a look at our production.